The Retarded Muffin.

February 17, 2008

Once upon a time, there was a retarded muffin, it’s name was Tom. One day Tom was walking along, and met a cupcake on a retarded horse; The horse’s name was Billy. While the cupcake’s name was Bob.

They all ran down the road, eating copper sulphate, and drinking Drano. Billy was staring at the sun so he was slightly blind and stoned. But no matter. That didn’t stop them from their journey. They were on a mission to save Hyrule from the demonically evil spirits known as pencils. You know, them with their shifty eyes… always staring at you… when you’re trying to sleep… wait.. or was that my neighbor. Either way; Both are equally as creepy when they’re staring at you… while you try to sleep…or do other things.

– First Post By Myself; Bryar. at 12:26AM on February the 17th, of 2008.